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It was nice this weekend to tackle some smaller jobs that result in a bigger change in the garage art.  The first little task was installing the rear glass.  It wasn't that bad, but then again I still haven't done the lock strip.  The rope trick really does work.  Word of caution you will need more than 15 feet to have a good handle to start.  Also all the comments about get it centered first...yeah listen to them, really eases the process. IMG_6352.thumb.jpg.9930052094d4996988b28fb109a30485.jpgIMG_6353.thumb.jpg.1f50bb64e4e02436c9cef142bf5efbce.jpg

Had to support my friends car club.  After all it started after I drug this thing home with him telling me to walk 3 years ago...IMG_6360.thumb.jpg.aee0b61c20c8341df4cb271f3e7775a7.jpgIMG_6361.thumb.jpg.7f525e71c4ce762621714daf2fd24437.jpg

I then cleaned up, sand and masked to flat black the nose.  I also cleaned up the headlight buckets.  I must confess the car is the same color as masking I may have missed a little corner...


All in I'm pretty happy with the grill-less nose.  I would love some good condition round grills.  The problem is they are so much $.  I like this look and think it adds a little to the "outlaw" look of this '02.  Stay tuned for our next installment, more glass install, followed by removing the engine...again.  Hopefully over the 4th I will get the steering set screws drilled and locktited, clutch installed, and the engine in for the LAST TIME, before vroom vroom.


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