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I've never left.



So, I've tried a number of things and still could not reproduce the turn signal lens to any degree of satisfaction and had been chewing on this project.   I recently acquired a 3D printer off the local CL.  This new to me tool allows for certain possibilities.  I had the lens and the frame scanned.  Then, I attempted to print some samples.  Mind you, I still do not know what I am doing with the 3D printer.  


As scanned, the plastic lens does not fit into the frame.  Once freed from the frame (I had to cut up the frame to do so), the plastic lens curled up.  Also, the flanges at the edged of the plastic lens were molded around the metal frame;   These flanges will have to be straightened out.


The next step is to get professional help in manipulating the scanned files...





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Haha soldier on my friend. As you remember, I've successfully removed the oem lens without any damage to the lens. If you could make the exact size of the lens with matching holes for two fastening screws, everyone can send their aluminium housing to have polished or anodized then use the new lens. No need to overkill and have it injected to the housing to sell $500 a pair. Glue & screw would be more practical since you can replace and restore forever. 

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Hey buddy, you are way ahead of me.  As scanned, the lens is unusable due to the formed flanges and the shape change once freed from the frame.  Fortunately, the good people at Fiverr will be helping me tweeking the lens.  I'll figure something out once I have working models.

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I love this community for this exact reason. Keep up the great work. Once you have a viable product I'm sure you will have most of us lining up for these. 


Once again, necessity is the mother of invention. 

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