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Update: Preparing for an engine swap.





I can't believe its almost been a year since I last posted on my blog.  I definitely haven't been slacking on working on the car so here's an update on the thing's I've done since I last posted in July 2017.


Fixed the sunroof

Ditched the US spec bumpers and put some used chrome bumpers on.

Installed a GPS speedo since the old one never worked (I love it). 

Installed an aluminum radiator with electric fan.  

Installed a new weber carb.  Best think I could have done to make the car start and idle good.

Installed an electric fuel pump.  


These improvements have been great and the car runs better that it ever has but the engine has always been tired since I got it running 2 years ago and smokes constantly.  The engine needs to be rebuilt.  But instead of pulling the engine and spending alot of money and time rebuilding it, I bought a 1979 320i (with the sports package) for $500 from a family friend.  The owner put a new engine in the car 15 years ago and drove it for 40k miles till he parked it on his farm in Las Cruces, NM.  Its a cool little car and I'd love to restore it but its pretty sun baked and pretty much needs everything cosmetic.  So I'm gonna rob the engine, recaro seats, and I've already pulled the Limited slip diff.  This will be my first engine swap and I'm looking forward to it.  My 02 should be pretty sweet when its all done. I'm gonna ditch the fuel injection for right now when I do the swap since everyone says its crap and I also purchased a 5speed getrag 240 thats going in with the newish engine.  





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