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In the past two weeks, the car has been hit twice. First, on sometime during the week of 5/14, someone rammed into the drivers-side rear quarter panel. I think that it happened on 5/17 between 3:20 and 4:45, when I noticed it, but I can't be sure that I didn't see it before. I am pretty sure that someone pulled out of the driveway across the street and hit it, but I checked my neighbors security footage form that time and it didn't record anything. It triggers based on motion, though, and I've thought that maybe someone in his family deleted the footage after hitting the car. 


Regardless, I was able to pull out the dent with a suction cup and some boiling water. There is still a very small dent where the initial impact happened, but I'm trying to keep a positive attitude since the car isn't in great shape anyway.


The frustrating thing is what happened 5/24, when I came back from the office to see that Mr. Toots' left taillight lens got obliterated. I strongly suspect the recycle truck, because the operator picks up the cans with a giant mechanical arm and a neighbor parked their recycling bin right next to my car the night before. I haven't gotten my hands on any footage yet, but my roommate claims that the truck came between 8:30 and 8:40 so I have a concise window. I'm interested to see how the recycling company responds to my complaint.


I've ordered replicas off of RockAuto ($131 for replicas vs. $270 for originals on pelican, will get back on quality). I'll bill the recycling company once I get them installed. The sucky thing is that somehow my brake light fuse got blown in this process, so I got pulled over and got a fix it ticket for my brake lights not working. I've fixed it and I think it will be about a $25 fine once everything is checked off. The real disappointment is that I was 4 months away from going 10 years since the last time I was pulled over! Fuck!


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Damn you had a rough couple weeks. The replicas are actually nice. I recently got a pair and although i havent installed them yet, one first glance they look solid.

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3 hours ago, Stevenc22 said:

The replicas are actually nice. I recently got a pair and although i havent installed them yet, one first glance they look solid.

Great to know. I'm wondering if the replicas will match with the pair I have on the passenger side, which I've been assuming are original (for no good reason). Will know in a few days, I paid an extra $10 to get them by Friday.

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Well drats!  I'm always saddened to see that sort of thing, especially when the culprit skulks away without taking responsibility.  My son had his '02 for only about three days before someone sideswiped the driver side doors in a restaurant parking lot.  Fortunately, a witness observed the person get out, look at the damage, then get back into her car and drive away, but not before the witness observed the person's license plate number.  The witness was writing a note to place on my son's car when my son came out of the restaurant.  The witness then said, "That's her!"  The person who hit my son's car just re-parked her car across the street and went into same the restaurant.  My son confronted her and got her DL and insurance info.  My son took a picture of the way she re-parked her car, and she was at least a foot-and-a-half into the parking space next to her, very nearly doing the same thing to another car.

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