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Interior panel fab, re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic

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Not the most productive of weekends.  I pretty much just made some new interior panels.  the car when I bought it had been sitting in a field in Houston for a LONG time.  Most of the interior panels were covered in black mold.  So most of that went by the way side.  The goal for this car has been extremely lightweight.  With that said I still wanted a some what finished looking interior.  I had a roll of grey carpet left over from another project.  I then just went to the local home depot and got some 2.7 mm birch plywood.  I cut the panels to fit and covered with the carpet.  The fit turned out pretty good, and honestly hard to complain for about $20 in material and few hours labor.  


Next up is patching what was left of the dash pad.  I have now gone through 3 rounds of padded dash filler and sanding.  Hopefully when all is said and done the dash turns out looking decent.  These shorter duration projects that are visible are helping get some wind back in my sails.  It's been 3+ long years of working on this car.  I've never driven it, it has been incredibly hard not to lose all motivation.  It will be worth it when I get to drive it! That's what I keep telling myself at least.


steering wheel will get replaces at some point in the future. 



Passenger door crank screw is stripped out.  Any ideas how to salvage?


Seating position is moved way back.  Entry and exit are surprisingly not bad.  I will need to extend the shifter up about 6-9" but that should put it right off the steering wheel and keep my elbow high enough not to hit the park/drift brake.


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