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Day 179: Brake booster and schedule delays



First, the good news.  I shipped my brake booster off to Power Brake Exchange in San Jose/Bell Gardens and Louis turned it around in about a week.  (http://www.pwrbrake.com/ )   I have not had a chance to test it yet, of course, but oit looks great!  

Here is a before image.  BRake fluid had stripped a lot of the paint off and there was a layer of crud, of course. 


And here is an after shot.  They dismantled, soda blasted and repainted the unit.  The only things they did not do is mask off the studs and replace the bellows and vacuum nipple, which is OK since they are in good shape and I can't even find a number for them and am assuming they is NLA.     


The price for this service was somewhat less than the other vendors I found.  The site mentions a core, but you have to send them your core to rebuild.  I am certain this is the unit I sent them.  




OK, now the bad news.  I have had a few setbacks including an odd medical one (called Fever of unknown origin) that put me out for about 3 weeks, as well as a delay on one of my larger revenue generating projects.  I had expected to have this car out of paint by now and be working to rebuild it almost full time.  Clearly, that hasn't happened and I'm dedicating about 110% to the other project so I can get it done.  As a result, there is no way I'll be bringing this car to The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix/Oktoberfest in July.  I will have at least one other non-BMW there and I will probably bring a different BMW, but I was really hoping to have a 2002 there for the 50th anniversary, especially since I signed up and committed to having a 2002.  I'm half-tempted to buy another "before" 2002 to bring and am actually looking for another car, but am not optimistic.  I'll be wrapped up with that other project by early June, so I'll be back on this project then.   


Who knows, this may be a good thing.  My engine rebuilder told me it would be 3-months before he could get my engine back so I was only going to have the head done and had planned to do all the gaskets myself.   This might be an opportunity to get the engine rebuilt properly and brought up to the standard of the rest of rest of the car. 


Take care and thanks for reading!         







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