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Progress before the break

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Since I’ll be out to sea for more or less the next 10 weeks, I took the opportunity this weekend to knock out a bunch of projects on the interior:


cleaned up the wiring under the dash

ran the new sensors sensors for the gauges 

more or less got the gauge wiring done

wired up the power and windows to the new switch panel

cleaned up under the back bench

cleaned up and required a bit of the aux fuse panel 

trimmed the trunk boards so they fit flush

fit the new rear light lenses to replace the cracked ones 

took out the passenger seat and replaced all of the bolts to the frame and bolts to the car

finished up the heater box rebuild (see previous post)

reconnected the amp and verified wires in place 


when I get back I still need to do a bunch:

source a constant hot for part of the gauges

repair and recover the dash

run wires for AFR

figure our why I no longer have switched power from the aux fuse box

rewire the left turn signal- worked briefly but no longer shows on the speedo gauge 

rebuild the heater valve and refit the heater box

refit the speaker pods and install speakers

install rear speakers in shelf

source and install third brake light 

finish center console

fire our wiring for brake warning idiot light 


at some point I’ll recover and refit the interior panels, get some seat covers for the recaros, and install the new rear seats 








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