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Day 150: Remaining engine bay stuff out!



After dropping the front subframe earlier today, and stopping to write about it, I kept going in an effort to get everything out of the engine bay in preparation for a thorough cleaning and probably soda blasting.  Like pulling on a thread, things starting coming out in a fairly systematic way.  Front brake lines, brake reservoir, master cylinder, brake booster (what a PITA those tight bolts are), pedal box, labeled and unclipped the wiring harness, lights, firewall heat shield, drains, clips and grommets.   The inside of the car is more or less intact (except for where I ripped up the carpet to get to the pedal box) so I still have to remove the brake booster support bracket that attaches from inside the car.    No major surprises and no rust!    


Here's more-or-less what the engine bay looked like this morning.   



And here is what it looks like tonight.  


Still a lot of cleaning to do and of course everything I removed has to be cleaned, rebuilt, refreshed or refinished too! 


I was also able to pull out all of the front lights/reflectors and start pulling the trim.     


Tomorrow I'm hoping to tackle the rear subframe, rear bumper and more trim.   I also need to build a dolly.  Let's see how far I can get....









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