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E-steering, wilwood pedals, cooling, and it looks closer to done!



All along with this project there were a few things I knew would be the big issues to get over.

1.       Engine and transmission install – it fits and it’s mounted

2.       Adapting the new transmission to the BMW dif, this is next….

3.       Building a new pedal assembly – done over break

4.       Fixing the rust and bodywork – done over break

5.       Rewiring the whole call – TBD

6.       Making the rack and pinion steering work – finally finished over break

As you can see the list is getting shorter.  The bodywork turned out much worse than I had hoped.  I did not spend as much time blocking the car as I should have.  At some point I may go back and redo the bodywork and paint to have a nicer looking car.  At this point it’s ok from a distance, and for its intended purpose its fine.  This car was rotten and not worth saving.  As bad as my bodywork is, it’s still miles better than what I found.  All that to say, here it is, on all four wheels in the sun!


Next up was the pedal assembly.  I worked with Wilwood to size the master cylinders to work with the 240 front calipers and the 320i rear drums.  I will also be running a Wilwood master cylinder for the clutch.  The other interesting part I had to add was the electronic throttle pedal to work with the LE5.  The pedal is typically firewall mounted and top hinged.  I flipped it and mounted it to a subframe with the other two pedals.  I have them all hinged at the same point and in the same plane.  I may need to tweak the throttle to prevent miss-steps.


The steering was the next big challenge.  The size of the engine dictated the change to a 320 rack.  Further complicating matters was my choice to run the electronic power steering column.  This arrangement required 3 U-joints!  After getting everything installed with a bearing on the long shaft it seems to work well.  I have however, discovered that the power assist is not needed.  This means I may got to a manual column or shift the steering attachment points to tighten the turning radius.  I fear as is it will be larger than a suburban.


Finally, I built up a bracket to support my hand me down electric fan from my new radiator.  The whole assembly is removed as one.  It should help with serviceability down the road.


The goal is to be road worthy this August.  I am hoping to drive the 5 miles each way to make a portion of the Woodward Dream Cruise this year.



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This looks awesome -- I went with a 320 rack and pinion paired with an underhung Wilwood setup. What size master cylinders did you go with?



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3/4" front and 7/8" rear is what Wilwood recommended and I purchased.  They seemed to be confident that that would be close to balanced as is. 

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The ecotec fit well....The matching transmission was not so easy.  it is much much larger than stock BMW trans.

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