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A fellow ‘02-Montrealler (Pierre*) was nice enough to give me the lower portion of his rear bench (he had an extra one). This put me a step closer to finally installing a rear bench...

So, now I just needed to acquire the upper portion of the rear bench plus, some new padding/foam and the all-important vinyl upholstery.


I stripped down the rear base, the old “horsehair” padding is pretty gross. I wire-brushed it, degreased it, used a metal etch and gave it a couple of coats of matt black.

36329839604_79c0e0c679.jpg 37023839191_f77890aa2c.jpg

I ordered the under-pad, foam and vinyl from aardvark racing.

Unfortunately, I did not take any photos of process/install but it’s pretty straight forward. I installed the under-pad, letting it hang over the edge of the seat frame, then I sowed it in place with a few loops every 3-4 inches around the entire circumference. I cut the foam pad to size and held it in place with about 8 tie wraps so it wouldn’t move while I wrestled the vinyl upholstery on.

The brackets which held the top of the backing in place were remove I fabricated some new brackets for the upper portion with some l-brackets from Home Depot.

On Friday, I finally installed the rear bench. I’ll need to fix that wrinkle in next spring.



I was supposed to un-register the car for winter storage for October 31st, but I messed up.
At the beginning of October, I started the online process but didn’t complete it because I didn’t have my registration certificate with me. My memory sucked and I had thought I completed the process… then I woke up on November 1st realizing I messed up, so I had the 2002 available until Nov 30th.

Yesterday, I went through my short winterize checklist before pushing the car to the back of the garage.

see you next spring...



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