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Edit- Delivery Day (approaches)



Figured I’d update this post since I haven’t picked up the car yet. Turns out there were some weather delays that kept a few of the final bits from arriving on time. That combined with a wiring issue and Christmas vacation led to delivery being pushed to mid January. 


Either way, it gave me a chance to finally order the 123 Distributor with Bluetooth which I just dropped off to the shop yesterday. Should be put in today before the snow arrives and pick up should be early next week. 


Did get a chance to check out a sweet 3.0 that was in he shop. Definitely a bonus. 




Pending any major delays for weather - today is delivery day!


I can't even begin to describe how excited I am - plan is to get a good, long test drive in with the shop owner, take it home overnight, and bring it to a command training day tomorrow. Next week I'll start working on my interior projects.




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