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Slight progress update

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I haven't made as much progress as I would have liked, but some of the bigger questions are starting to get answered.  When I first started the swap I knew there would be a few big hurdles, Rust, fitting the engine and trans, connecting the steering, and completing the driveline.  I will this next weekend cut out and replace the last rust in the door.  5a216b4fdda1f_IMG_57301.thumb.JPG.ee5d321c8ba5e02255ef634fe6dcbf6d.JPG5a216b667cfa1_IMG_57341.thumb.JPG.818519b7273a491b053a0466ce6e2231.JPG

As usual for this car about 1/4" of bondo had to be removed.  Thankfully after that was removed not a ton of rust was found.  I will just replace the area around the corners to make the patches smaller. 



Now on to steering....There are two sets of OEM hardware that I have worried about connecting to.  First is the Steering rack from a BMW 320i (1980).  I finally found a 17mm-51 spine u-joint that fits Perfectly!5a216b71c9b87_IMG_57391.thumb.JPG.3401e965389c20c218325e419ea8b35c.JPG

As you can see I will have to add a kink in the joint to clear the starter.  it does clear so that's a win. 5a216b7bb8ec5_IMG_57401.thumb.JPG.2fc98e3778afbb865607440267f44ee9.JPG

Next week the rest of my steering components will come in.  I hope to get that as well as the passenger side tunnel complete over my Christmas holiday.  The misses is already informed that my 2018 new years resolution is to drive this car.  It might have no glass or weatherstripping but I will drive it next year.

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