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Day 28: Still waiting on parts...and some space



I've been travelling and tied up with other projects and have not had a chance to start working on the 2002 but I'm almost, almost, almost ready to begin work.  Most of the parts I ordered have arrived.  I figured an image of all the stuff going into the car is in order, and laying it all out helps me get organized.  I also wanted to identify duplicates (there are a few duplicates for various reasons....).    So here are some of the parts I'll be working with over the next couple of months.    





Arrived so far (in image):  

All new cooling system components (water pump, thermostat, silicone hoses, belts) except for the radiator, which I will evaluate when I pull.  I do no think I will be putting the fan shroud back on. 

A new alternator (and bushings) and voltage regulator

New plugs

A new header as part of the emissions-control removal (2 headers, actually...)   

New cloth braided fuel and vacuum lines

All new brake components including pistons, drums, discs, calipers, pads and flexible lines.  I'll examine the hard lines once I start on this. 

All new suspension components including bushings, struts, shocks, springs, mounting hardware and sway bars.

New World Upholstery seat covers and new seat back/release/hinge cover hardware. 

A shifter rebuild kit

That foam pedal cover so I don't see the road through the pedal box anymore. 

New door hardware (gaskets, inside handles, some knobs)

 A new passenger side mirror (none on car originally) 

A lot of gaskets (Valve cover, timing chain cover, manifold, etc.) 

Motor mounts 

Nuts, bolts, studs, wave washers....

New badges and emblems.  (I can't stand seeing a BMW with faded badges or bent emblems.  It's like wearing a suit but having dirty shoes.) 

A few of the many stickers that I will be replacing when I paint.   

One of the two sets of wheels I purchased.  (The other set is coming from Austria....no idea when it will get here.)  

A custom Noah car cover from the Cover Store.   These covers are really terrific and they use the same material that BMW uses on their branded covers.   I have 4 or 5 of these.    


A few things are on their way:  

A new OEM valve cover because I'm pretty sure mine is warped.

Carpet from Esty.  No hurry on that as it will be a while before I am ready for it.  

I ordered some single-stage acrylic Urethane (I think) paint in Polaris Silver to paint the under-body and engine compartment.  


A few things I still need to deal with/purchase:

Rear differential gasket, once I confirm I need one. 

All of the aluminum trim on the car, once I pull it all off.  

A brake master cylinder rebuilt kit and possibly a brake booster (Something in there is leaking pretty bad)  

A steering box rebuild kit, possibly.

Drive train components, once I evaluate them. (Guibo, CV joints, wheel bearings, etc.) 

Distributor, condenser, spark plug wires, etc.  Considering a 123/Tune+   

All of the exterior trim strips. 



The To-Do list is forming:

1.  The first order of business is relatively simple, but important in the grand scheme of things.  I need to fix the fuel line leak/flow issue so that the car starts right up when I turn it over.  Knowing it should start right up will help a lot when dealing with other systems (if it doesn't)  

2.  Then I'll tackle the emissions control items.

3.  Replace the water pump, thermostat and related components  

4.  Replace brake components 

5.  Evaluate drive train components


Those of you who are Project Management people know that this is a rolling wave process.   Detail is high in the immediate tasks, not so high right now in the more distant tasks, with future-task detail increasing as current tasks are completed.   Overall, I first want to eliminate and clean up after any and all fluid leaks and get the engine running optimally. Then I need to address the suspension/drive train and determine how/what/when I want to paint the under body and engine compartment.   I'm not really set up to pull the engine, drive train and front/rear sub frames but haven't completely eliminated the idea.  And there is soda blasting to be done to expose rust and remove a really awful Maaco paint job from 1985.   


Today I rented a two car storage space and will be storing my Alfa and one of the other convertibles in that for the winter.  This will give me a little more room in this garage to work.     


Stay tuned!   




















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