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Day 3: Starting the clean-up



Today, I took the car over to the self-service car-wash and sprayed the engine compartment with foamy engine bright...several times.  It made a reasonable difference but there were decades of oil and grime on this engine.   Normally, I would have covered the distributor, carb and condenser, but they were all covered with oil too, so I just shot the whole thing and figured I could wait for it all to dry if the car didn't start.  It started and it smelled like a tar pit for the trip home.     My wife then gave the car a basic wash and emptied everything out of the car so she could vacuum it.  The horsehair-straw from the seats actually clogged up the vacuum cleaner. 




The engine now looks much cleaner, but there is still sludge everywhere.  Note the air filter bellows and cold-air diverter have been removed.   





I ordered all the parts needed to remove the pollution control equipment, replace the valve cover gasket and replace all the hoses and belts.  I also ordered a new water pump and alternator.  In the picture above, you may be able to tell that the old alternator is slightly out of alignment with the fan.  I'm not sure how that is even possible and will figure it out when I remove it.  





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Alternator mount bushings turn to goo. Replace with polyurethane ones :) 

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Thanks Ray! I will do that!     Although I have a new alternator, I have not purchased any bolts or bushing yet because I want to see how bad things are up front.  Where can I get he poly bushings?  

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