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Day 2: The before pictures.



Today, after taking the car over to the tag and title place still on the trailer and then returning the trailer,  I pulled the car out of the garage and took "before" pictures of everything I could.  You can NEVER take too many before pictures of a car you are restoring.  They will be your puzzle box for putting it back together.  You can't put the car back together correctly if it isn't already reasonably correct (which is why you want an unmodified car) and you can't use the images of the car as a puzzle box if you didn't take the pictures.   Take a boatload of pictures!  Include every sticker, hose, clamp and bolt.  


I also took the car for a brief drive around the neighborhood.  The engine runs pretty well but the brakes are weak and something in the shifter clunks into the side of the transmission tunnel.  And the car is leaking fluid.  An astronaut removing his helmet in space wouldn't leak this much fluid.  I see oil, brake fluid and coolant.  When I shut off the car, a plume of oil and steam rose from under the hood like the car was on fire.  Valve cover gasket.....definitely.   And water pump. All new hoses and belts.  The list begins.  




The larger box holds the rear seatback purchased from World Upholstery in 2012.  The box on the right contains various fluids, a Haynes manual and a copy of "The Time-Life Book of the Family Car" from 1973.  



2 things: 

First, that is a Weber 32/36 DGV carb that the oriiginal owner had installed in June, 2000 (Surprise! Not original but completely welcome!) 

Second, Do you see that bellows by the hood hinges?  Some of you may recognize that as the cold air intake hose for the original air filter housing.  It has been sitting there in that exact spot since June of 2000!    


The yellowing of the paint in the engine compartment, after considerable discussion with the knowledgeable folks here, is apparently the original 1975 clear coat.  It scrapes off fairly easily and will have to be completely removed before the car is repainted.   



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