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It Fired, not Fried!

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So, enough time had passed.  The new garage didn't have anything urgent to do, house siding was done, no circle track racing to help with, and nothing else had broken,  so it was time to fire up this lump that I've been hanging cords on for the last year.


Ran some fuel lines for return from the pressure regulator, and one for pickup.


Tried using my old tii fuel pump.  Stuffed the hoses in a jerry can, cycled the power a couple times until the pump changed noise (loaded up), went to get my fire extinguisher ,  turned around and there was a puddle of fuel on the ground.  Not much, maybe a foot across, but damn, I wanted to fire this up.  Upon closer inspection, it was coming from behind the wiring plugs.  Not today.


A quick trip to rock auto (ask me later how much it hurts going to local parts stores for generic parts) and a 3 bar 044 type pump was on its way.  Time to wait.


Once it arrive, hooked it up, and no fuel made it to the floor.  Checked some settings I did quite a few months before, entered the license key into TunerStudio (I bought the copy so I could use the auto tunes), and finally hit the starter button.  Lots of cranking, and could tell it was trying to fire but never really did.


On a whim, since I wasn't sure I had tuned it right, I put my thumb over the Idle Control Valve inlet.  It was sucking lots of air while cranking. A few more pops from the exhaust.


These were the original injectors from the 318 (15 lbs I found out later) and hadn't been used in who knows how long.


A few more pops, and it took off.  I had to play with covering the ICV to keep it running.  I ended up swapping it out for a different style (I may still revert), which required some more playing to get it to close (which it really doesn't ever seem to seal completely).  I was, at that time, still running the original B&G 2.9 firmware, so the options for testing the ICV were a bit primitive, but it ran, and I ran through warmup enrichment auto tune a couple of times, which showed a small leak in the rad, which I expected from some seeping that showed it self earlier.


I had kind of decided that I am going to use a set of Motorcycle throttle bodies, and the MSExtra code has provisions for ITBs, so I decided to upgrade the firmware now. TunerStudio connected to MSExtra has better testing for ICVs.  Most of the the other benefits require rewring/mods to the MS unit, but I don't think I'll need them for this little M10 (sequential fuel injectors, coil on plug, etc).


I re-set up everything (which worked better than expected).  Tuner Studio had done a major upgrade(2.x to 3.0), and 'moved everything', and the interface changed when you switch from the B&G code to the MSExtra.  A couple of runs through the Warm up Enrichment, some VE tuning, and it's not too bad now.  I had the VE tables way to low, so the auto tune couldn't do its thing (Air/Fuel very lean), initially, so I bumped them up and it got it close enough it could do its magic.


I'll try to get a video of it running soon.


I've got a set of 2000 GSXR 750 itbs ordered from Ebay, so I'll have to build a manifold.  Since the GSXR has 80mm cylinder spacing, and the M10 has 100mm, some creativity will have to occur.  I'm not sure if I'm going to split them (they are 2 sets of 2 itbs), which would require fabricating a fuel rail, or just leave them and offset # 1 & 4 30mm with 2 &3 10mm....  Half the runners longer than the other is like a dual plane manifold right?  :) Lots of options.


It may be time to look for a slightly larger cam, so I can work with the flexibility that the megasquirt provides.


Did I mention I may skip putting this in my tii while I rebuild that, and just build a Locost using this motor, so have something more fun to drive than a TDI while I redo the tii?  Who knows what will happen....


If you've made it this far, congrats, this is a rambling mess :)  Thanks for listening.


p.s. the look of the setup didn't change much, so no new pictures  are required


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