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Wiring Diagram, TPS, Fancy fuel pump delete - Updated 5/22/18

Orange Claw Hammer



So, my first specific task towards converting my M10 over to EFI was to draw up a wiring diagram for my MegaSquirt-based (more specifically, MicroSquirt v2.2 based) Stratified PNP ECU:




I will update this image as I continue to refine the diagram (updated 5/22/18 to correct coil wiring). There are few enough wires involved that I can use just the big 26-pin plug going into the OEM-style connector on the ECU.


I'm using the TPS from a 1984-89 Nissan 300ZX with the adapter from 02again that allows that TPS to screw right onto the BMW throttle body:




It may seem unnecessary, but I made a fancy fuel pump delete plate:




This is my first-ever attempt at sand-casting aluminum. I have wanted to get into sand casting for some time, and for this project in particular I want to cast a low-profile distributor delete cover. So, I started off with this much more simple fuel pump delete, using a wood-and-cardboard master, Petrobond casting sand and some scrap aluminum I got from Clint Eastwood.




That's it for now.



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