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New "full width" aluminum air dam, from prototype to production...now available!

After many inquiries and requests for a wider version of our Aluminum air dams, I finally found the time (and a good car to work from) to make a prototype. There were a lot a variables to consider. It needed to mount up high, covering the bead detail in the valence (nose panel). It needed to fit and look good both with and without a front bumper (early and late) it also needed to wrap all the way to the fender arch/wheel well....yet fit the average banged up and repainted 45 year old car. 


This is what I came up with. It looks low but it in fact allows for 3/8" more ground clearance than my original long/low mount version (shown in pic, for comparison) Happy with the results, I know it won't work on every flared and modified race car, but with very little effort it fit up nicely to the four different cars I cross-referenced the shape to. 


I've made a short run of these and they are available to purchase @ www.kooglewerks.com 






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4 hours ago, Joesprocket said:

Beautiful. Is the bottom reference pic of the later diving boards car the "short" version?

no, this is still the 'long' version... it just looks small because the diving board is so massive!!

(and maybe the perspective of the photo)

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