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Orange Claw Hammer



I've decided to share my process of converting my M10 engine over to MegaSquirt EFI. There are several build thread here and elsewhere that chronicle this process, but I'll be doing a few things differently, and I find that it's helpful to be able to see these sorts of projects from a variety of approaches. I will attempt to be as thorough as possible, including process, part numbers and prices. But, for now here's some random initial progress.


Here's my engine on the stand, largely stripped down.




The general scheme is tried and true method of slapping an intake from a 318i onto the 2002 engine and making it work. I have the intake and throttle body from a junkyard car, along with the necessary 318i water temperature sensor housing. I did not get the water return hard line that runs along the block under the intake, because my cooling system will not be stock. I will be using an electric water pump, among other changes.


I also have a largely pre-assembled MS-2 ecu from Stratified. This is a generic plug-and-play unit that they no longer sell. I bought it back in 2015, and it was insanely cheap for a pre-assembled unit. I liked the form factor (the stock MS boxes are so gross) and the OEM-style harness plug in the back.




These days, DIY AutoTune offers a very similar package they call the DIY PnP. I would highly recommend this approach if you care what your ECU box and plug look like.


Today, I made a flywheel holder and removed the front crank pulley. This pulley is odd to me. It carries three belts, none of which line up with my water pump pulley.



But, I'm not using the water pump, and the pulley has a nice fat, flat back face that I am currently machining my 36-1 trigger wheel teeth into.



That's it for today.

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