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EPAS Conversion, Seat Mounting, Seam Sealing

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It’s been quite a while since I last really dug into the BMW 2402tii.  My wife ended up going back to school so most of my dreams of getting the car road worthy this year are out the window.  I most likely will not be able to afford the big pieces for quite some time.  That was a bit like knocking the wind out of my sails.


I have decided to plug on anyway.  I will try to get a solid foundation.  I should still be able to get the steering and plumbing worked out.  As well as clean, sort, and seal the underside of the car.  I might even go back and redo some of my previous work.  With a project like this one as my first I know that my skill has improved, from non-existent to not too terrible.

Enough babbling, on to the updates!

1.       I found a steering column!  I found a link through a mustang forum that a GM electric power steering column could be retro fit.  The assist is built into the column so it can be turned up, down, or off.  It is controlled by a potentiometer kit that you can get from Ebay for ~$50. http://forums.vintage-mustang.com/mod-custom-forum/670865-anyone-want-100-electric-power-steering-here-you-go.html

2.       I have shifted the driving position rearward to help with leg room and weight bias.  I never had an intention to put the back seat back in


3.       I have built mounts to use NA Miata seats.  The current ones I have are from pull-apart and being that this is Michigan, they are extremely rusty.  Still for $23 they are good enough for mock up.


4.       The AR5 transmission that matches my Ecotec is HUGE.  I’ve had to considerably enlarge the tunnel.  I’ve been putting off this sheet metal job for the better part of a year.  I finally tackled the driver side and closed it all in.

5.       I primed and seam sealed the whole side.  This is most likely the floor section I would be most likely to redo.


6.       Finally I covered it all with bed liner and threw everything back together. 


Of course the next thing I did was sit in the car make engine noises and pretend to shift.  I do need to get the car on the ground and see just how bad ingress/egress is.


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Straight pipes, the wife told me should could hear from the other room...Might have have to add a muffler.

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