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Door Cards



Another day closer to the end, i'm really pushing hard to try and get this finished now before winter, i want to get it back to my house before winter sets in. 


so after my success with the arm rests i set about cleaning and painting the old door cards, i figure i couldnt make the look any worse than they already are!



The original dirty door cards, worked out that the burning came from the previous owner who welded in seat belt mounts without removing the door cards.. thanks chum! :angry:

I think we can all agree they look pretty horrible, and i dont really want to put these back in the car after all the work i've done. 



Cleaned off the crud with some non-acidic citrus cleaner, really good stuff, and after a quick dry in the "sun" they were ready for some masking tape and prepped for paint.



as with the front arm rests, the rears would need to be done too, so a little clean and dry, these were also ready for some spray.


i chose to use the same 'Direct to Vinyl' spray from rustoleum, its a great product and goes on well. My only word of advise is, it does come out a bit wet, so recommend many light coats, not one heavy coat.. you will get the runs :unsure::lol:



Painted and Drying.



This photo was taken after two coats of the paint and a bit of curing in the sun. 



With the bits all screwed back on, i think its looking pretty dang good! the bottom part of the door card is slightly shiny compared to the original black top, i hope this fades over time.



Sitting in place in the car, not secured down but so far not to bad! You may be wondering why i have left the chrome trim a bit tatty? its a conscious decision to leave the car with some characteristics of its former life. i didnt want to strip every ounce of character the car had, so i am leaving the interior trim and all exterior trim with the bumps, scuffs and marks they came with.


whilst i was waiting for various interior parts to dry, i got cleaning with the calipers and licked a fresh coat of black VHT paint on them.


Much Better :D


back down the garage again this evening for more work! 


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