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Arm Rest - Restoration



Hey all,


i had an issue in the past with my dirty old arm rests, they were brown, cracked and one was missing the support so it was really floppy and not much support for your arm. i was on the hunt for some black arm rests to go with the black interior, however these seem to be hard to come by in good condition, so i opted for a grey arm rest which i would clean up and paint with Rustoleum Direct to Vinyl Black Gloss Spray Paint.


The arm rests were particularly dirty and grubby when i got hold of them, also slightly sticky and smelly, YUK! 




a quick rub down with some thinners and a rag to remove dirt and grime. and then a quick dust coat with the Paint.




The paint adheres very well and comes out of the tin very well.




i let it sit for around 20minutes to go off a bit more before the first pass. already looking really nice!


i took a close up shot to show the paint sitting nicely in the fabrics contours.




i have to leave them for 24hrs before they are totally dry and ready for one more coat just to cover any areas that were missed. but so far i think they look really nice.


also had a chance to test fit the new parcel shelf which will be wrapped in a black cloth.




the Boot lock also arrived and after many months of having an open boot, i finally have a closing, lockable boot! result




until next time


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