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Sweet and Sour

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Lots of activity in the car build but not a lot on here so thought that I had better try to be more diligent in posting something 


Just got home from the upholsterer and have a little of the sweet and sour taste in my mouth. Originally my intention was to take the Scheel seats in get recovered and then find an e24 rear seat to match up later, but after seeing what has been done with a stock rear seat I figured what could it hurt to see how it turns out. 


So today I dropped off the door and rear panels and he mentioned that he was finished my seats, and asked if I wanted to take them home. We went into the shop and the first thing I saw were the Scheels, but the centre section just didn't look right for some reason and felt a little let down, but then i got a look at the rear seats and LOVED THEM!! Couldn't believe how different they looked, almost to the point where I considered bringing him my stock fronts to do them the same way. 


After driving the hour and a half to get home I immediately took the rear seats, the only ones  that could fit in the All Road, and placed them in the barren cab to see how they looked, and the sweet taste made me smile. 


My door cards weren't good enough to recover so going to have to order a new set and take them back, when I go pick up the front seats. Just need to match a carpet from Esty and a headliner and maybe my wife and kids will sit in it again....








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Looking at the pictures maybe adding the School Mann bits to the seat, and or changing the headrests to black to help break up all the tan will help the fronts.

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