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Center Console



Hopefully going to add to this as the build progresses but the plan is to make a smart custom center console to house all my bits and bobs. 


To start off with, i got hold of a nice longer center console, i like these a lot more as they make the cockpit feel a bit more snug, i still have the original smaller one just incase this plan doesnt work.



This wouldnt fit my car as standard as i have a round gearstick and the hole on this is square, dont worry about this for now as i have plans for that piece. 


it was so grubby when this arrived and full of cigarette ash and dirt, the vinly was ripped and the holes on the sides, well, there was more holes on the sides than there was wood! it would have to be stripped back to bare wood.



at this stage, we started to fill the holes up with some upol filler, sand them back and then use some blocker to get a nice smooth finish.



blocker on and setting (i will come back to this after as you will see the filler primer didnt fill the gaps very well so will probably have to skim the whole side.


going back to the center support (gearstick holder). i decided that i wanted to use this part as it was nicely cut and the correct size.


after some cutting and stripping back of the vinyl and foam, i was left with this.



i threw some primer down on it just to protect the bare metal but i will cover this in black and lacquer it, hoping to use the holes in the top or sides for the airride switches, could look quite cool and a bit factory if i can get them mounted in there.


for now the project ended with a bit of filler primer on one of the sides just to get an idea of how it would sit or if the old composite wood would just soak up the primer.




it was a very cold night so had to leave it inside to dry off, we will find out how it comes out in the next thrilling installment of Center Console!!! 


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