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Weekday Bits and Bobs



Had a delivery of a small tube of silicone so i shot over to the garage to get my aerial fitted. 


from previous blog entries you may have seen that the old holes were in the wrong place for the new bracket so i had to modify the original bracket to fit the new aerial. 



doesn't look to bad!


because of the original and the new bracket a slightly different shape, i used a small dab of silicone behind the plate just to keep the water from seeping in behind, not that it will but i just wanted to be sure.




once the silicone goes off i will trim off the little excess there is.


i also had a visit from james dad, Paul. he popped over to talk about the possibility of fitting AirRide to the car. it seems do-able using the coilovers i already have a modifying the rear trailing arm to a bellow bag on the rear. the only issue i am having is getting the Air Aero Sports bags in the UK for a good price, obvs over there in the good old US of A, they are $175 each.. over here they are £250!! 




we also chatted about a new straight pipe for my exhaust, so i drew him a little picture and cut a bit of pipe, hes off to get one made for me as he has a friend with a big bender


enjoy x


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