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WIndscreens and Wiring



Howdy all, i'm reaching the arse-end of this restoration now and it's driving me wild, im so close yet i feel so far away from finishing. the last few bits are the horrible bits which have been left and its causing me much distress.. so, i thought i would give my good friend martin a call (the man from autoglass) to get some screens in. whilst he was there i wired in the new amp and some new rca's for the rears.




first 30 minutes was spent trying to work out which rubber was the front and which was the back... with a little bit of research we discovered the ones with the corners is the front :)



its nice having the right tools for the job, stretched the rubbers over the glass and got them ready to fit


we went with the old tried and tested method of using a cord and me being inside pulling the cord whilst he pushed from the outside.



rear in, the new rubbers are a real treat and fit like a glove!



from the inside



big mart fitting that strip, oooohh yeahhh


all stripped up and fitted, snug as a bug



front in



avec le strip.. you're all probably noticing the gap in the trim, ive managed to lose the little filler bits, more things to find :(



whilst martin was fitting the strips i worked on this mess.



new amp is savage and sounds amazing! just need to secure it down in the gap under the seat, maybe using a bit of double sided velcro so i can remove it if needed.



bit of a dark photo, but heres some of the wires which have had to be run up front, it looks such a mess but i hope its all going to be nice and hidden when everything goes back together.


also had a bang at straightening out a wonky wheel




more to come this week! 


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