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Bumper Mounts and Spaghetti Wiring



so this weekend i started finalizing the wiring for the aftermarket sound system, i really didnt want it to go to all this effort for it not to sound as good as possible, so i actually ordered a much nicer focal amp (Still waiting for delivery) but for now just used an old lanzar amp i had knocking about to check the signal and wiring was correct. 


a real tangle of all sorts of speaker,power,earth,rca's and remote wires all in one area and all over sized at the moment, will defo cut these down and tidy it up before final fitting under the rear seat and hopefully! never been seen again. have run all the cable seperatly to avoid interference from the power into the RCA's or speaker wires. its been a real fun job doing the sound system from a comple blank canvas to actually turning the ignition and it working first time! was really pleased with how it sounds even with just the rear deck wired in. have got a short video which i will upload soon maybe so you can see/hear a taster, but i would like to get a proper video after the car has finished to show it off, its more SQ than SPL.


along with this, i had painted my bumper supports in the same stone guard black



was happy with how they came out after a little bit of rubbing down and some nice etched primer. (Excuse the mess)


i wasn't very happy however with how they mount with that horrible captive spinning nut thing inside the chassis rail.. so we went in with a little rail modification and a bit nut bolt and washer combo..



it was drilled and sealed up with primer and stone guard before the nut and bolt applied.. very happy with this actually as will make bumper removal much quicker and easier. still unsure if i will add another hole for stability as i quite like one at the moment so i can adjust the bumper to sit perfect.


thought i would snap a quick shot of the inner wheel arch at the moment as i thought it was looking rather tidy, 


kinda annoyed i didnt get a picture before as it was horrible beyond imagination.


just waiting for the calipers back so i can start on the front brakes!!! 


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