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So....Where was I? (2016 Catch-up part 1)



Now that winter is over and the weather is nice again, it's time to do some more work on the '02.


But first, I'm long overdue for a catch-up post, so here it is.


With all the cooling hoses off, I pulled the heater box out.  The fan didn't work and the heater valve cable was broke.


Pulled the box:



The heater valve and broken cable:



Inside of the old valve:



Lots of WD-40 to break free up the lever/cable clamp:



I used the rebuild kit from Blunt for the Heater Valve, bought a new fan motor off Amazon, and a new Bowden cable from Rogers tii


I needed a solution to mount the old fan to the new motor, this is what I came up with:




I bought some aluminum collars off Amazon and brazed them to the fan.  Be very careful, too much heat will warp the fan.  I spent a lot of time getting it straight again.



Cleaned up the overspray on the cover and gave it a fresh coat of paint:



I took the heater core to a radiator shop, they cleaned it and checked it for leaks, didn't even charge me.

The heater box is all assembled and ready to go back in.


Unfortunately, I discovered the source of the water leak in my car:



The bottom lip is almost completely rusted away.  I'm not sure if I should just cover it up with an epoxy paint and seal it real good, or have a new piece welded in.  I'll save that decision for later.


While the heater core was out, I figured I might as well clean up the wiper box, it had lots of overspray on it too:





I got another intake manifold, but didn't like the carb spacer the PO had used, it looks like it was for a 32/36, so I bought a 1/4" thick phenolic sheet and made my own


Who says adults can't play with crayons?  Made a rubbing of the bottom of the carb



Used my dremel to cut out the spacer, here compared to what was on there:



Overlay comparison:



The intake holes had to be opened up:






Fresh coat of cast aluminum engine paint and mounted:



Can't put the old carb on it without a rebuild, right?


So apart it comes, crud inside:



Crud in the filter:



Had to make my own gaskets:




And that's where I'll leave it.  More to post for the catch up later.


Updated numbers:

Heater valve repair  $92.00

Blower Motor           $70.00

Collar                        $8.00

Bowden Cable         $45.00

intake manifold      $100.00

Phenolic                  $13.00

Carb Rebuild Kit    $100.00

Weber Jets              $50.00

Running Total     $9,067.00



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I didn't know the blend valve could be opened up. Mine is stuck. I may have to see if its full of gunk too. I dig the match porting of the carb to the intake plenum. Nice work.

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very nice work, love to see some customisation with the intake and home made gaskets! they charge too much for those things 

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10 hours ago, heinemann said:

I didn't know the blend valve could be opened up. Mine is stuck. I may have to see if its full of gunk too. I dig the match porting of the carb to the intake plenum. Nice work.


There are two types, mine is the later type with the plastic valve inside.  There is a good rebuild article here:

I cleaned up the housing and top by soaking it in a 50/50 mix of white vinegar/water mix, just be careful if you have put any of the steel components in the mix, the vinegar will eat them up.


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