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Spring Cleaning



Hi All, 


after my recent trip to NYC and a very busy few weeks organising my upcoming wedding, i was left with little time to get to the garage to work on the car. the other issue was the state of the garage after a few months of neglect and never putting tools/parts back where i found them.. so i decided it was time for a spring clean!! 


i was having to pull the car out of the garage to work on it as there was no spare space in there (due to rubbish, parts, shelves) so, i pulled everything out and spent the afternoon cleaning it out and re-arranging the tools and parts. im pretty happy with the result.




feeling rather impressed with myself, we pushed the car into the garage and pursuaded her up onto the stands, ready to start stripping as much as possible to be cleaned/stripped/painted/powdercoated/replaced/repaired.




ive come across a few issues and i am hoping someone on here might be able to help!!


1. I removed the nuts from the steering arms, i cannot get the spline out of the holes, any of them.. help


2. the studs on the manifold are cheesed up and the bottom rear one is literally round now, i cant get anything on it.. ive tried a grinder but nothing will fit in the gap due to the steering box/downpipe in the way.. anyone had any luck using other methods to remove this?





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