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One month til Brisbane! April 6, 2017



In preparation for Brisbane, Tesoro has a few things that I need to get ready and so does Derby!


Since Derby hasn't been driven much for the past few years with the previous owner, I've been sorting things out to make the car more 'safer' for the road while keeping items PC for the car.


Rear tail lenses have been switched out to amber lenses (they are new, but that is to make sure the lenses are more visible than the original ones). I still have the original lenses to hold onto for preservation. 


Also, Derby never came with seat belts, so I had installed the earliest of seat belts that I could find which are the Klippan's.... There would be NO WAY that I would punch holes in the rear panels for the seat belts as they are the originals, so I had them installed on the B pillar instead. I hear that its safer on the B pillar anyways.... 


Got the radiator flushed and the old radiator reconditioned with new core... noticed the paint was too glossy from the radiator guy... so I need to get that repainted in a matte finish... I actually don't want this car to look too re-restored.. I actually like the "pre-loved" look .


It's all coming along nicely thanks to one of our Bay Area's most renowned and reputable legendary BMW mechanic Bill Arnold .

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 12.42.58 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 12.44.50 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 12.43.43 PM.png


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How are you mounting your rear license plate on Derby?  I used a late model (74-76) rear holder which bolted directly to the euro license plate holder that came with my 1600 cab.





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Have no fear! ;)


I too have the euro rear license plate mounting frame, just waiting on Derby's personalized plates... Hopefully, they will be here before Brisbane. 


Will you be coming up from SOCAL to NORCAL?

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