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Nut and Bolt Restoration....Literally



Nut and Bolt Restoration is an often misused phrase, but in this case that's exactly what I've been up to.   All fasteners and bracketry have been wire wheeled or glass bead blasted to bare metal and freshly replated.    Now as I enter the reassembly phase, each component will have the appearance that it would have when leaving the factory.


Sure, replacement hardware is available, but it lacks the aesthetic originality.  The small thin washers, short headed bolts, original markings, shallow castle nuts and original finishes are just not available at the local hardware store.  When finished, everything should have that "just right" look to it that can't be replicated with anything but the original bits.









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Nice work! I'll vouch that the replacement hardware while functional, looks different.

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Spectacular displays!

I'm just reaching the point of hardware restoration...can I ask if it is expensive, and where did you take your parts?

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I bought a Caswell zinc plating kit a while back. I plated a few test parts and they turned out great. No pictures though. Caswell makes a yellowing solution but i recomend mixing your own. Its cheaper and from what i hurd does not wear out like the caswell solution.

1 gal. distilled water

10 oz Sodium dichromate

0.5 oz sulfuric acid.

You can get the sodium dichomate off ebay for about $10 a pound, witch makes a little over a gallon and a half of solution.

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here is my pile......I did throw in a few extra bits to make a lil more cost effective.


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