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header, civic radiator, and more!

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I picked up a radiator for a 1994 Honda civic 1.6l (auto with air conditioning) for <$35 shipped on Rockauto.  It filled the stock radiator opening almost completely.  We will have to wait and see if this radiator is large enough to cool the 2.4l that is now in the car.  I am hopeful the auto and ac options added to the cooling capacity.  The description of this one did also say that it was a few mm thicker to offer additional cooling.  I will also add the Civic electric fan as well.  The reason I chose this route is purely cost based.  This will let me get up and running sooner because it costs less.  More than likely I will have to upgrade in the future. 


the radiator is mounted to the car using the boxed section behind the air dam.  I will add a pair of grommets to act as isolators between the chassis and radiator.  The top is held in place with a simple bracket tying the radiator to the core support.



The next project of the weekend was building an exhaust manifold.  I did not want to use the stock one, purely from an ascetic point of view.  I have also always wanted to give header fab a try.  surprisingly it wasn't too bad.  The most difficult part was getting enough heat into the flange without burning through the tube.  Cutting and welding the tube sections together was not bad at all.  Having a good saw to make straight cuts was crucial.


I started with a generic collector that had the four primaries and a 45 degree bend.  I then picked up a 3/8" flange and a pile of 1-5/8" u-bends.  The all in for this header was around $175.  Not bad, but it will end up wall art when I add a turbo down the road.


Had to throw in a few beauty shots now that the car is starting to get more together.  The 1600-2 is a 69 built in 68.  The 68 Texas plate I had lying around looked much more classic than the 69 (just looks like a worn out plate).




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Awesome build!  Is that an Ecotec out of a Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky? 

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Interested in any more progress ad info on the toughest obstacles to overcome, Great project!

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Yes sir, it's the LE5 from the solstice/sky, and just about any gm car from the early 2000's.  The transmission is from a Saturn sky and the engine came from a Pontiac G6.

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