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My love affair with my 1600-2.

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Okay, so I'm back!


I bought an engine and transmission from @williamggruff last year with the intent of swapping it before Vintage 2016, but that did not happen.  I'm going to take a stab at it before Vintage this year.  I'm tired of working hard to keep up with the pack.  I'll store my current stock 1600 for future resale (Like that's ever going to happen!)


I started this tear down with my daughters with the intent of them helping me through it.  They did, for the most part, help me with part of the engine tear down.  I've "ditched" them for now in the interest of time!  They were only 5 and 7(at the time), so I have plenty more engine builds in their future.


Vid Link: https://goo.gl/photos/zNaBnQtCfiYfUseSA


Here's where it sits now:



Not much to taking them down.  I just used zip locks and and a sharpie to keep things organized. 


I started here:



Don't mind the hammer.  I didn't use it....





Okay, I'm lying!  But, I didn't break anything.  SERIOUSLY. 



I will say this clutch has me scared.  Any thoughts?  Wondering if I can continue using it:



Here is a better view:




She's pretty nasty....  Although I do like them nasty. No...Wait...  That's different!  Anyway, more shots:




Front end tear down:







Oil Pump Removal.  I used one of those Craftsman MAX ACCESS Socket sets. https://www.craftsman.com/products/craftsman-19pc-universal-max-axess-socket-and-ratchet-set-3-8-8221-drive?taxon_id=1845 They do a good job of getting on the nut.  I didn't want to use the open end of my box wrench and my standard sockets interfered with the oil tube.




My 2.0 has SWAG!!!!!  Okay, I'll stop with the corny puns...


^Timing chain guides.


I was kind of disappointment that I didn't get to use my cheaply made 1/8" stamp set I snagged off of Amazon.  The did a good job of marking everything for me.


Do they come from the factory like this or is it a rebuild?



Lastly, here are the pistons.  Lots of carbon build up.


This was an FI engine from a 320I (In think 1982), but I will be going with a Weber 2 bbl I got from @ldsbeaker when it's done.




If anybody has any questions or need more pictures, let me know!


Box of stuff left over...




This is a bunch of malarkey!

So….I grabbed a Stage 1 Kit from Ireland Engineering to kick my suspension refurbish off. Easy day, right?

I’m a bit of a safety hound hence the 3 ton jack stands and stacked tires under the 1600. I get frequent visits from my 3 & 5 year old daughters. They always want to see what daddy is doing with his “race car”.


Basically, I just started with ripping everything off after it was on the stands. Believe it or not, the part that took me a considerable amount of time was the old brake shoes. Those darn springs were giving me fits! Must go discs out back! One of my adjustment "nut" thingy's was pretty much stripped.


Pseudo success!


I had originally planned to go onto the military installation to sand blast as much as I could but I was horribly informed that they no longer support a sand blasting station. Dang it! Malarkey, I tell ya'!

Sooo.... One idea was to break out the pressure washer and put unsuspecting friends to work in the back yard!


^The pressure washer worked amazingly well in the hands of BMW hoarder, Brooklyn Taylor! (This coming from the guy who was nice and dry....while, eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich...) Brooklyn owns one of the only 6 speed manual equipped 850i's that I've seen in real life. V12 baby! VROOOOM.

So I was left with a bunch of rusty parts with no sand blaster. Time to break out the grinder:


I figured since he had so much horsepower, why not put a grinder in his hand while I got to work on something else! Probably should have covered the 70 Mustang.... Yes, it was covered in dust. More malarkey.


Look what showed up! It came with a grinding wheel, but a quick trip to Lowe's rectified that with a 8" wire wheel. Priceless!


After the wire wheel on the calipers, I started noticing weird things....like *different calipers* and *different brake pads*... :unsure: *scratches head, moves on* Malarkey....


Rear drums were painted with engine paint. So were the calipers. Don't know how long that will hold up to the heat, but at least the brake fluid won't strip the paint! :D


Onto the rear sub frame!

FIRE!!! There's nothing like the smell of burnt rubber!


More bushings....


A couple of relief cuts to release pressure so that I could use a hammer and chisel to knock these out.






I did not use POR 15, rather, a good ole' can of Rustoleum. This is *not* huge resto. I just want to get the car well sorted for daily use. Rattle can will do just fine.

Now let's put this thing together!

Okay. In putting this thing together, I noticed that the bushings were different sizes on the ends. Basically, the thicker bushings go on the outside of the arms.


So, I had to learn the hard way that these urethane bushings go in a "specific way". They are different sizes as you can see in the picture. Thick goes on the outside. Don't forget to grease these things as well!

Another road block:


I had to cut this little gusset down so that my bushings would actually fit. No problem! I was just shocked when I saw it.


Here another thing. When I got these nice little sub-frame bushing stiffeners, they wouldn't slide through. If this happens, just take your wife's best steak knife and cut through the little membrane-like rubber mold to allow them to fit through.


More paint...


Half Shafts are "sooo" like late 60's early 70's... Due to this, I had to do basic maintenance. I like to keep this little bottle around...it's just easier to use for small jobs like this. No, this is not actually Craftsman oil going into my half shafts...These will be replaced with CV shafts... Grice? Where are you?


Had to bend a few lines:




After: Somehow I can never make mine as pretty as the old lines.


Wonder how long this is going to look like this! LOL


Moving over to the front! Same basic stuff, bushings, but no shocks. Didn't feel I needed to spend another $200 for billys'. Not a lot of pictures...

First off, I would not try to put the LCA on without an impact. :-) That bolt on the ball joint just spins and spins.


Don't forget to pack it with a bunch of goo...


Another issue I had when I put it back on was the new grade 5 bolts I had was rubbing the LCA. Couldn't have that so I went back to the old bolt in the inside location and just safety wired it. When the suspension compresses, there were no more issues.


Much better!


Actually, there were issues.

Soooo, I screwed up. I painted the old shock tube with the shock in it. I taped everything up pretty well and it look really good when i finished. Problem is, I left a piece of tape on the shock cylinder.... You guessed it, the tape went into the shock body when I unintentionally compressed it and dorked up the seal.

Replacement... *sigh*


Things were just touch and go with getting this thing back together at this point....

Guess I over did it a little on the tranny fluid. (I never feel comfortable using the word "tranny"). Just saying.


Next issue: Completely forgot to attach my springs with safety wire. Please do this "BEFORE" you put your stuff back together with shorter springs...


DANGIT! Okay. Sometimes you just have to stop for the day, pop some popcorn and watch an episode of Game of Thrones.


Another helpful tid bit:

Tape to locate the spring while you are lowering it down.


Oh one, more thing. My top spring perches were so worn that I had to add spacers at the top to keep the perch from rubbing. If I ever upgrade to coilovers, I won't have this problem. Maybe in the future. It's only money, right?


I'll stop this here. I'm sure I'm missing some things. Please let me know if you have any questions?




Today I took a shot at installing 2 PC680s under my rear seat. I should have just used one, but hey...it's not the dumbest thing I've ever done.

As you can see, the Odyssey is less than half the weight of my trusty Interstate.



Single PC680: 14lbs+


I figure since I told myself (more like lied to myself) that I would make every attempt to save weight, I used aluminum angle to make my brackets. If you really think about it, the 10 feet of copper I just ran probably pushed me back up to the weight of my Interstate! :rolleyes:

Test fit in the seat bay.


Basically a simple rivet gun, hack saw, tape measure, and you are good to go. Actually, you also need one piece of angle and one flat piece of aluminum. (Lowe's)


Two 90* bends does the trick with the primary tie down bar.


I had to put some foam to ensure the brackets don't chafe my battery walls. I also filed down the angle iron to remove any sharp edges. I ended up getting some more foam.


I also Installed a battery cut off switch. Why? Because race car! I do have to admit...I stole this idea from "mlytle".


In the end. I'm glad I decided to do it. Now my batteries are safely inside the cabin and out of sight in my 1600. Yes, I probably added 2 or 3 pounds, but I have full use of my trunk and much needed space under my hood.

20140330_185739.jpg^Yes! I have a terrible habit of over-engineering. I can't help it.

Of course the day couldn't end without a "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot". Here's my WTF. I guess I'm too strong for my own good! I have an additional key. These things are so cheap, I might just by another for a spare.



Parts List

Okay guys,

Here are most of the parts that will go on.

I'll use this entry in the future as a running log of all the parts that are installed.


PC680 x 2

BNR Drop In 95 Amp Alternator

ANL Fuse holder + 90A Fuse

Battery Shutoff Switch (removable key)

Rampage 7" H4 Headlight Conversion Kit

Relay Kit + Wiring

Hella 500s


Petronix Igniter

Petronix Flame Thrower Coil

NGK Plugs

Bosch 7mm wires

IE Stage 1 Springs

Front Sway Bar 22mm

Rear Sway Bar 22mm

Ball joints

Front Urethane Bushing Kit

Rear Urethane Bushing Kit

Upper Strut Bearings (sealed bearings)

Urethane Steering Coupler

Rear Subframe Mounts Inserts

Rear Subframe Mounts Bushings

Lower Control Arms (Rubber Bushings)

Spring Bushings (Front & Rear, Top & Bottom)

Stainless Steel Brake Lines

17mm wheel cylinders

New 200mm shoes

Aluminum Overflow Bottle

E21 Radiator

Sand Parts Oval Air Cleaner

Soundpro Powered Subwoofer


So It Begins...

Here is the day that I brought her home. I grabbed her from a fellow Marine headed out on deployment. Good price + right timing = happy me.

So far, I've done a few things to make it more "driver friendly" in the Wash DC area climate. I'll get into all of that later, but for now, I just wanted you to get a few pics of her before I start this process.


Sitting nicely in her new home: