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this is my 1973 BMW 2002 that I purchased when I was only 15 it is my first car, it has taught me mechanics and is the love of my life!

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Pics Of My M10 Swap :)

here are some photos of my current project. giving PINKIE a new m10 radiator, alternator, hoses, battery etc. all out. ready to pull engine is out! old m10 sitting in the corner ooooooh pretty my new (old) transmission awaiting new seals the driver side of the empty bay the passenger side of the empty bay (needs some cleaning) new m10 was blue (not my style) so I scrubbed it and prepped it for paint will be black before and after paint just hanging around both m10's just chillin many hours of scrubbing to get the intake manifold to look good my workbench setup exhaust manifold and dirty flywheel had my flywheel resurfaced at six states distributors for about 35 bucks. very friendly and they did a great job! transmission pretty much all clean! I use Krud Kutter to clean the grease learned about it from the FAQ transmission all clean and the new guibo, transmission mount bushing, and other atachments all bolted on installing the flywheel bolts with red loctite another shot what my neighbors get to look at all day



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