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About this blog

this is my 1973 BMW 2002 that I purchased when I was only 15 it is my first car, it has taught me mechanics and is the love of my life!

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Pics Of My M10 Swap :)

blog-0865355001395472299.jpgblog-0865355001395472299.jpgblog-0865355001395472299.jpgblog-0865355001395472299.jpgblog-0865355001395472299.jpgblog-0865355001395472299.jpgblog-0865355001395472299.jpghere are some photos of my current project. giving PINKIE a new m10 :D

radiator, alternator, hoses, battery etc. all out. ready to pull :)


engine is out! blogentry-36941-0-62452000-1395470733_th

old m10 sitting in the corner blogentry-36941-0-79868000-1395470944_th

ooooooh pretty ;)blogentry-36941-0-18099700-1395471048_th

my new (old) transmission awaiting new seals blogentry-36941-0-81782200-1395471073_th

the driver side of the empty bay blogentry-36941-0-59211700-1395471206_th

the passenger side of the empty bay (needs some cleaning) blogentry-36941-0-30463100-1395471242_th

new m10 was blue (not my style) so I scrubbed it and prepped it for paint will be black :)blogentry-36941-0-86008400-1395471294_th

before and after paint :)blogentry-36941-0-14738100-1395471342_th

just hanging around ;)blogentry-36941-0-93977700-1395471383_th

both m10's just chillin blogentry-36941-0-16313800-1395471544_th


many hours of scrubbing to get the intake manifold to look good :)blogentry-36941-0-84007000-1395471741_th blogentry-36941-0-86956400-1395471770_th

my workbench setup exhaust manifold and dirty flywheel blogentry-36941-0-80672700-1395471822_th

had my flywheel resurfaced at six states distributors for about 35 bucks. very friendly and they did a great job! blogentry-36941-0-21476000-1395471911_th

transmission pretty much all clean! I use Krud Kutter to clean the grease learned about it from the FAQ :)blogentry-36941-0-47919200-1395471961_th

transmission all clean and the new guibo, transmission mount bushing, and other atachments all bolted on blogentry-36941-0-91485000-1395471991_th

installing the flywheel bolts with red loctite blogentry-36941-0-44684800-1395472026_th

another shot blogentry-36941-0-74768500-1395472057_th

what my neighbors get to look at all day ;)blogentry-36941-0-82916900-1395472088_th

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