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Timing with Carb issue?

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So finally got off my lump and started getting back into my 02. I am having issues with timing and carb sync. Since the weather has change my 02 has been running rough.

Here is what I have done so far.

Set all my valves to .008

Set idle to 1500 and used a timing light with ball dead on with no movement. Perfect.

I have a XR700 Crane ignition and a Vac advance dizzy with a 40/40 Weber.

When the car was running perfect the vac was blocked off. I assume the ignition box adjusted the advance?

After talking wit a few 02ers the VAC should be hooked up. I checked the breaker plate in the dizzy and it is not sticking or rusted to where there is no movement.

I had the vac hooked up no advance and no pickup in the carb when acceleration.

The car looses RPMS and cuts out. I need some advice. I live in Jacksonville, Fl. I have not found any 02ers here.




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