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EFIing an M10

So this issue of EFIing an old M10 motor comes up repeatedly from time to time and so I thought I could bring my thoughts about this together. I don’t know if there’s already a blog entry or write-up, so… sorry if repeating. Please feel free to add all your info, opinions and experience to make this a helpful content for later readers! Talking about the reasons for EFI doesn’t make sense here I think. Let the pros-and-cons discussion take place somewhere else.   Fuel supply (


Henning in EFIing an M10

What wooden wheel

Hey, what's that? A stock 71-73 tii wheel I found in a shelf in summer of 2015. A slotted three-spoker. Spokes rusty and the foam... Gone. And now, what to do with it? Paint the spokes, yes, but the foam? I'm not familiar with replacing or shaping foam. Oak sounds some similar, so let's go oak.   The wheel's core:       Hm... A kind of oval steel profile around. I started a first try to find out what's doable:       Continuing:  


Henning in steering wheel

Engine project including LH 2.2

An engine project including LH 2.2   Several years ago I came to this Bosch LH system used in old Volvos. I became curious, got one and checked it out in an 02 parts car. It ran immediately, but the idle was inacceptable and I didn‘t get this under control. My car was running fine with the KF, so the LH fell asleep again. But the KF is no good for short-distance driving. Too rich when cold, too much soot and too much fuel. Hard to trim to different camshafts, 4-throttles and such.



Custom Center console gauges

Additional gauges? Why not? Sporty cars need sporty gauges. And the center console looks some empty with only ashtray and stereo. Some space left to be used.   So let's go VDOs. Gauges and sensors are easily available and cheap; indeed I found the requested ones in one of my grabbleboxes. Oil temp, oil pressure and volts.   But not like this:     More like this (borrowed from John_im_VA, hope you don't mid, John):     Ok so far. But th


Henning in Center console

My Sicily cluster

Well, what would we do without ideas? Waiting 'til the day is gone? Nonono. I've got a lot of ideas. Good ones and new ones. Unfortunately, both of them have a disadvantage: the good ones are not new and the new ones are not good. Mh. However, here's an old one I'd like to introduce: my custom gauge cluster. I call it the „Sicily cluster”. My parents used to have an 02, then they switched to a 3-series. When we got this car I instantly noticed the fine designed arrangement of the gauge


Henning in gauge cluster

Electric power steering

Oh, sure, sure. The 02 is not a car that does need a power steering. It's easy enough to drive and, if it's not wheeled like a monster truck, does not need too much effort to steer. Some things I did to my car are not done because of their effect but because of the making. I like changing and improving things and, if possible, realizing my own ideas. How to fix this, how to connect that, how to combine those... The way is the target! Some of them are invisible, for example the sunroof


Henning in power steering

Homemade steering wheel

Hello to all, here I am again with my next quirk. Propably all of you know the early ti/i steering wheel with the slotted black spokes, and also everybody knows the here so-called 3-spoke-sport-steering wheel what is very widespread. In my car used to be the wooden version, maybe out of a 1600ti or 1600GT. I drove with this for several years but the grip is not the very best, and the major thing is: it doesn't fit optically to the car. The car is held in blue, black and silver/chr


Henning in steering wheel

Power sunroof for 02 made by Nissan

Hi dear readers, after years I managed somehow to let paint the roof of my car Jerome. Now, before installing the headliner, I wanted to reduce the noise of the electric drive because it's too loud. The genuine e-motor is loud and the rubber shaft is loud, too. All 2nd hand shafts you can get are all worn out or stiff or both and shiver while rotating. The one in the pic below has already lost its outer coat. The new available BMW-spare is simply inacceptable. It looks like a gardening


Henning in Power sunroof

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