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Removing door panels on 73 2002

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Asking for help again

I was trying to remove the front fan blade and after I removed the 4 10MM bolts the fan still will not come off.

I do get some paly but I cannot remove the fan and I am afraid I will break it if I continue to try and force.

1973 2002 standard

Any help would be taken



Looking for advice

Cannot get rear brake drums off of 73 2002, they act like they are hung up in one spot but I cannot see what is holding it on.

Trying to see wheel cyl. So I can order the correct ones. This is the final thing on my list to order


My 18 year old son has just got his first bummer 73 2002 and he is in the middle of taking apart to put back together . He is trying to figure out how to remove the door panels, the door opener and window crank is off but he cannot figure out how to remove the vent window knob and also how to get the panel free from the door.

Any help he would like as this is new chapter for him

He has ordered himself a Manuel but has not got it yet

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