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BMW 2002 restoration

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I did not plan on putting for lights on my 02 because I did not want to drill holes in my newly plated bumpers, and since I doubted that I would ever be driving my car in fog, rain or snow, or if the sun was shining too brightly. After reading on the 2002faq that there were reproduction (by Pierre) fog light brackets that bolted to the hood supports behind the grill, and despite the weather I still liked the way the round fog lights looked. Well being an old fart I had ingrained memories of what was supposed to be the correct foglight for my 73 2002tii, and that was round Hella lights with chrome housing and approx. six inches in diameter. The current Hella product that fit that description would be the 500 series of lights, but alas with ABS/plastic black housings, and lack of old school charm. That option was too easy, especially if you are of the mindset that a difficult acquisition enhances the emotional value. This pathway through No Longer Available, and difficult to find parts is familiar to the well worn traveler of vintage BMW restoration, and after spending many years working for the prop dept. at Saturday Night Live finding strange stuff was a territory I was familiar with. I found a set of vintage Hella 162 in Canada on Kijiiji, which is the Canadian equivalent of Craigs list. Did not return my calls. Finally on UK eBay I found a pair in the original box that no one bid on, and more importantly the buyer accepted PayPal, and shipped to the USA via Ebays international shipping program. The price was reasonable as was the shipping. Next I wanted to find an old style metal round Hella relay, and I found that on US eBay, in the original box! Only by using the original part number (that I found somewhere else) in the search function that it came up. I had a set of original German made Osram bulbs from the Eighties floating my parts parts stash, and I had a few E12 retrofit BMW A/C wiring harness from a bunch of NOS parts that I purchased. that I couldn't sell, and cannibalized (cannot beat those original connectors) those for wiring along with a E23 7-series foglight harness that I purchased on US eBay that came from Egypt! It was so cheap I couldn't resist and shipping was nominal. I ended up purchasing a green illuminated foglight/rear defroster switch from BMW, at quite a steep price, not being the most reliable I decided a used one was not worth the risk and just putting off the inevitable, when the switch will probably be NLA.

I ran the switched/hot lead to the relay (located next to other relays near after filter housing). from the correct position in the fusebox, I ran a wire from the switch through the firewall from a small existing hole, and took power from the battery post to the relay.

All in all not that hard.

Now all I need is fog.


NOS parts wherever possible, and some used and new.

New Old Stock Golde sunroof deflector in original package that dates from before 1974. Purchased with a bunch of old BMW parts that were from a closed dealership in Knoxville TN.

Close Ratio dogleg 5-speed that had been in storage since the seventies. It was leftover from a racing team in Texas.

Packages that are labeled HOFFMAN Motors (the original BMW importer) are from before 1974.

I found one original new trunk board and I recovered the other side with vinyl from a new old stock trunk board from a early E12 530i. From closed BMW dealer in Newburgh NY.

Alpina Kuglefischer injection pump and throttle bodies that were stashed in an old soap factory in Ct. I wrote a short article about its acquisition that was published in BMW CCA Roundel.

Quick ratio steering box that I rebuilt with new seals and gaskets. Purchased from FAQ member.

NOS wiper arms from a shipping container of dealer parts in Newburgh NY that had been in storage since 1988.

New old stock control unit for Kugelfischer cold start.

New old stock door panels from a 2002L that I purchased new from a FAQ member.

Alpina Kugelfischer pump. Dated 1973 this pump usually has a triangular Schaffer/Kugelfischer badge. This pump has a later Bosch tag with a serial number indicative of Alpina pumps. It also has a small circled A stamped into it.

New fuse box purchased on German E-bay for about 40.00$ Seller said it was for USA vehicles and no German buyers bid for it.

Original Alpina/Purolator air box for ITB injection. I hunted for this on german Ebay for about 3 years and have never seen another one for sale.

Stainless headers were purchased from Wallosch and Nesch in Germany.

Body by Sports Car Restoration in Plainville Ct.

Red intake horns from Lars in Germany. I think they are the same ones used in the M1.

Reproduction correct fuel lines for Alpina injection.

Genuine BMW wheels from a recent factory reissue.

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