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About this blog

I will be posting information on my 1976 2002 and the modifications it has undergone/will undergo in the future

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Hey everyone. I know I haven't posted in a while, but I just wanted to share a music video with everyone. The band is Convey and they're all really good friends of mine. I had the awesome opportunity of using my car in the video and it turned out amazing! We all had a lot of fun shooting this and I hope everyone enjoys!!!


CONVEY - Speed Dial

I tried embedding the video, but it didn't quite work :blink: Either way, the youtube link should work!


Some sexy screenshots

mah carr.png

CGI headlights!!!


mah carr 2.pngmah carr 3.png

The band in my car


mah carr 4.png

Not the first person to be shoved in the trunk.... :P 


mah carr 5.png

And 1 awesome dirt burnout!


The Green Machine

So I got the car repainted. Went with Porsche RS Green and a bit of matte black. Came out better than I could have ever imagined!!! (oh and i have NO idea why my pics keep getting flipped, so if anyone could help me that would be appreciated!)

blogentry-46467-0-85029400-1393909661_th blogentry-46467-0-81649700-1393909695_th blogentry-46467-0-91387100-1393909690_thblogentry-46467-0-21343800-1393909668_th


And I did the headliner



Doing The Rear-End

After getting new urethane bushings for the rear a arms and sway bars, I decided to fully drop the rear subframe and clean everything up


So much dirt and grease!


After 8 hours of cleaning, the diff looks good as new


The actual subframe was a lot easier to do


Just a few parts...


I decided to make plates to box-in the rear a-arms



They turned out rather nice in my opinion...

There are a few more things I have done, like undercoating the car and cleaning my brake lines. Later today I will clean up the heat shields for the exhaust and post some more pictures! I've started doing just some of the little things now that my rear-end is all apart, but it all adds up! ;)

P.S. Sorry for the poor-quality photos and I have no idea why some of them turned out upside-down. I will try to start taking pictures with a camera instead of my phone...


First, The History

This 1976 2002 was first my mothers in high school. It then was given to my grandpa for many years. After a head-gasket blew, the car sat for a very long time. It was then given to me and I started work on the car when I was 15. I am currently 17, almost 18, and although the car has gone very far from when I first started, it is far from completion.


This was essentially the state of the car when I started


I had to purchase a new motor because the cylinders in the installed motor were rusted out. After putting it in the car, we decided to get it rebuilt by a friend of ours. It has been fully rebuilt and some work has been done to it, like raising the compression. The motor had to be rebuilt AGAIN because they put the wrong rings in and they broke.


We decided to repaint the car in a Porsche color called Acid Blue. It is a period-correct color and just looks beautiful on my 02. Also you can see the beginnings of what is now the aluminum bumper hole shroud. It came out extremely well and I will post some pictures of it soon.


The first parts I got for the car, thanks to Ireland Engineering. Almost every dollar I get after expenses goes to that place. :P


The front air dam mounted and the first set of fog lights I had on the car. These were never actually wired up! :blink:


A picture I took after I first got the car driving again. We took it to Mulholland and, even though it was only firing on 2 cylinders at the time, it was a lot of fun!


And this is how the car sat for a long time. I made a few minor changes here-and-there but nothing major. Don't worry, I no longer have those horrible seats in the car! Oh and the picture is from the Friends of Steve Mcqueen car show. And there's me in the background with my long hair and aviators. I know what you're thinking... how can someone be THAT cool! B)

...And thats essentially the car's past history up to recently. I will get some more detailed pictures soon and will also post pictures of the recent modifications done to the car

I hope you guys enjoy! :lol: