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1602 Restore

So to introduce myself I am Luis from sunny South Africa. I have been a ardent BMW fan for many years, starting with my dad having worked for BMW AG SA for many years starting in the early 70's. My father owned a now very rare E12 530MLE and thats where my passion for BMW grew. I have owned a few BMW including E30 320i, which I restroked and bored to 325i specs, E12 520 2L TWIN CARB and recently a E90 335i. Its my passion for classics that keeps me busy and my first purchase was my fathers original 530 which he had sold off. I done a full nut and bolt job and the car is now one of around 10-12 worldwide and 1 of around 3 running units. The car was featured in BMWCAR magazine UK in March, she is my pride and joy and I am busy working on a race car replica of the 530 using a chassis only 1 digit off from my road-going car. However my 2002 take up my space and i have bought and stripped around 6 cars for spares so that i could ultimately restore 2 cars. One is the 1600 featured in this blog, a very standard 1967 1600 or also known as 1602's. This body in Bristol Grey was built in Germany and specifically requested in RHD. The car stood since 1983 and after i purchased it off a gentleman who had planned to restore it but then changed his mind to a different car. I traced the owner and got further information on the original ownership. Earlier this year I decided to get this project off the ground. The car was stripped to bare shell and dropped of at the body shop in March 2013. I have continued with full strip of engine, suspension and anything else left over. I decided on Fyord Blue as the only deviation from the original specs of the car. New suspension bushes, all body rubbers and some other parts were ordered from Walloth and Nesch. The engine has been completely rebuilt, and the same for the suspension. Strip down, sandblast and respray with epoxy paint. New wheel bearings, seals and so on for both front and rear suspensions. I also have all my bolts, nuts, washers and small bits and pieces either nickel plated or galvanised.



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