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Build a center brake light from a round tail light

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The Beginning

lcome one and all! Back in August, I was contacted by Henry (hc2002) for a set of high output bulbs for his 1972 2002 tii. He had seen my posts, and was wanting some brighter tail lights and brake lights for more respect from following drivers, I assume. Anyway, we got to talking, and it seems we both recognized the benefits of a CHMSL, for Center High Mount Stop Light, or 'third brake light' that is now standard issue on cars and trucks. Here's where it gets weird... there are a few forum threads talking about installing third brake lights that have been pilfered from other cars, or new LED versions from whoever sells them. Hella makes (and Daniel Stern sells) a nice LED one, but it's not free. All of them get more attention than even bright 2002 tails get, that is all good. But since Henry was kind of used to round tail lights, he wondered whether I could make him a center brake light for his 2002tii, starting with a round tail light from another 2002. Hey, as the saying goes - I got more guts than brains, so I said "Let me see what I can do." And that is how this project got started. I'll post more later, with progress reports and pictures... and Henry will be posting the results of the installation later, when the mounting bracket is done. Ciao for now! Andy



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