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i am giving my 76 a nice resto mod look... check it out

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Brandon Howard

the last few weeks it has been BELOW ZERO up here in the north east... along with the snow piling up..

that is a perfect recipe for NO MOTIVATION

so here sits my 76' ... all alone while i do coil springs in the Rover, tune up the 73' 2003 and tranny work on the dodge...

well, winter is almost over (i sure hope).. so we'll be cracking into that little red car shortly i guess.

so, who wants my rear seat and door pannels?

eliminating the rear seat i think, iether way i am going all black interior.

maybe a platform in the back to house a small addition to the sound system?

pertty sure.

Brandon Howard


my baby is topless!!!

so here is an update on where we are now with the build... still in the tear-down stages... but im happy with the progress.

tranny- located

differential- located

grille- located

still trying to get a line on a distributor...

need to fabricate a front valance so i can add some recessed yellow fog lights... but you know... cosmetic stuff can wait. really i need a hood that i cant throw a cat through.

FLOORS? they dont look too bad do they? not really, soft... just, eh, tender..

all in all i am making slow but steady progerss, and im confident she'll turn out nicely

come spring she'll be out there on the road.

Brandon Howard


i say to myself as i lift the hood.... she ran like a top before she was used as parts storage... but there might be a problem..

we robbed the distributor to put it in another 02...

well that will probobly keep it from running.

so.... as it sits thus far.. the laundry list includes..

- header

- distributor

- transmission

- drive shaft

- differential

not to mention a complete interior... but thats a project for another day...

NAPA doesn't have the distributor in stock.. so here i wait.

Brandon Howard

blog-0616044001385217630.jpgblog-0616044001385217630.jpgblog-0616044001385217630.jpgblog-0616044001385217630.jpgblog-0616044001385217630.jpgblog-0616044001385217630.jpgblog-0616044001385217630.jpg1976 2002

she just looks mean. she was never intended to see the light of day when we picked her up... she was just an organ donor... but the more i looked at her sitting outside, all alone... FULL of spare parts... well, i made up my mind.

48 hours later i had a bay cleared for the 76 and wheeled her in on dollys.

she doesnt look like a prime restoration candidate.. so i decided to do a less traditional route.


most of what she needs is cosmetic, interior.

i have a 5 speed tranny and welded diff.. probobly going with a limited slip.

stay tuned.

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