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My ongoing rolling build.

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So I finally learned how to tune my Weber 32/36. I was down to like 15 MPG highway and now the car is running soooooooo smooth... I don't know why I waited so damn long to learn as it was SOOO easy to tune. Anyhow, after I tuned the carb, I found a vaccum leak in the power brake booster system, specifically where the little plastic connector that is attached to the hose coming off the intake manifold attaches to the drum that holds the pressure. When I took out the connector and the grommet (gasket ring?), I found the grommet had a tear in it. I tried to rubber cement the tear until Monday when I could have my shop order the gasket ring/grommet for me but that didn't work. As the leak was causing my passenger side brakes to drag (not a fun sound), I decided it was necessary to improvise. I went down to Autozone and found a GM grommet for the oil dip stick that was the perfect diameter for this application (Autozone part #65113), 16" of coolant system hose and some silicone gasket maker and just replaced the whole problem section. The brakes have never felt so strong!



Oh also, I picked up an M10 from an 1980 E21 320is over the weekend with a Getrag 245. Really excited to swap this in! I'm debating whether I want to do the CIS fuel injection or just run my Weber. I know the CIS will improve my mileage if I get it set up properly but now that I know how damn easy the Weber is to tune, I'm not sure if I want to deal with the hassles the CIS will present.

Also, can I use the 02 bottom end with the E21 head so I maintain the 2.0L displacement? Regardless of whether I'm running that with the CIS or the Weber, it should still provide a little bit of a power boost correct? I know already about the reverse cam/distributor gear but I got the E21 distributor with the engine so there wouldn't be an issue on that side of things. Would that all work out nicely for me? Anyways, exciting stuff happening. Also, will the 02 intake manifold with a carb block off plate work with the CIS fi should I choose to go that route?

I'm pretty damn broke at this point so I will need to wait a bit to do the engine swap as I don't have the money for the shortened driveshaft and mounts and all the rest of the things I will need for the 5 speed so I'm stuck for a little bit. Should have the money to move forward with everything in a few weeks.



Hey everyone, have had my 02 (which has been lovingly named Trinker) for about six months now. I bought it as a birthday present for myself last year. I paid 3k for it (way too much) and have been sprinting to try and get this stupid thing consistently running as a reliable daily driver. Anyhow, I'll just jump into the pictures.

October 5, 2012, I made the purchase. It is the first car I've ever bought, I didn't know how to drive stick, knew little to nothing about the mechanics of a car, but was set on an 02. When I bought it, the radiator was terrible, the distributor was shot, idle-stop solenoid was broken (learning to drive stick on a car that doesn't idle was fun hehe) and many other things. Looking back, I wish I'd talked the PO down probably at least another 1000 dollars but I was set on making it happen.

Anyways, here is a photo of the car when I went and picked it up.


My friend driving the car home for me since I didn't drive stick yet


About a month and a half after buying the car, I threw a rod and ended up having to swap the engine (money just draining at this point....). Me being the mechanical doofus that I was then wasn't checking to see if the engine was burning oil. Cars don't like to run without oil.

And where we are now.

Currently the stuff I've done:

New wheels: Momo Altair 14x6 et 25 w/ old Dunlop 190/60/14

Ireland Engineering Distributor

Ireland Engineering Aluminium Radiator

Ireland Engineering Electric Fan (was necessary to fit the radiator as the front end has been pushed in from PO fender bender)

Redline air cleaner for the Weber 32/36

Replaced front windshield with OEM glass and seals

Front bumper swap w/ E21 bumper

Front and rear bumper tuck.

Sound system


Of course, I have to get the Respect Your Elders sticker to put all my friends with E30s in their place... Duh.




Really need to restuff the passenger seat. Minor tearing on driver's side.


The ugly


Rear tuck


Front bumper tuck and fitment. E21 bumper follows the bodyline so much better than the 02 big bumper. I ended up having to custom fab brackets to mount this as my shocks had previously been decompressed (PO crashed it) and drilled into to keep the decompressed. I used galvanized electrical piping to make the brackets.



Currently fixing the front trim piece, that will go back on soon



Previous owner neglect :(




And a few photos from her many photo shoots (I'm a photographer by trade so my car gets shot anytime I'm bored).







What's next (going to try and document things more closely here on in):

E21 320i M10 w/ Getrag 245 swap for fuel injection and 5 speed. Head and timing cover gasket are going slowly on the current motor so instead of going through the hassle of pulling the engine and doing the gaskets, I'm just going to do the fuel injected M10 as it is something I've wanted to do for some time now. I will be picking up the motor and other bits necessary this weekend so that should be done in the next week or two.

Also, these just came yesterday


16x7.5 et 15 OZ Fittipaldis in 5x120. I'm currently working towards doing the engine but the ultimate plan is to put my car on air ride and run these wheels. No money to do the air ride and body work for another couple months but I'm excited to make it happen.

Here is a general idea of what I'm thinking for aired out stance (minus the massive fender pull I am going to need to do to fit my wheels)


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