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I've had this project for well over half a year now and I've made lots of progress between school, work and such.

I never have been a good one to update blogs, but I'm going to try my best to keep it updated, I promise. This page will be updated the most real-time: http://www.flickr.com/photos/61986249@N04/sets/72157636780647726/

In summary, when I purchased the car, it did not come with an engine. The motor had a scored cylinder and it had already been stripped down to pieces (most of which I weren't able to locate). That put me in a perfect position to drop in the renowned M42 from an E30 318is (1991) using Jakeb's mounts. So, with a game plan to begin, I got to work real quickly.

I stripped all the components and trim off the car in prep for repainting. I removed all the rust off the car (fortunately all surface rust where only a few spots were beginning to become concerning). Strut towers and rockers are solid and the trunk floor was even solid (except for minor rust forming around what seemed to be a plug or a drilled hole of sorts). So, I went ahead and performed necessary prep, primed and sealed it after if was ready.

It was a long, long road to getting the car fully primed where I was satisfied with it and had eliminated any surface flaws I wasn't happy with. There was a slight low spot on the trunk that is still asking for attention (I think something sat on it or something - nothing serious that some attention can't fix). I worked my way towards painting and decided on black for the color. I painted the car black, but still have to shoot the color onto the doors, hood, and trunk (prep isn't quite complete on them yet).

The suspension has been entirely redone with new bushings, ball-joints, control arm bushings, hardware, and struts. So, the car should ride like it was meant to....I hope! :)

That said, I moved my attention to the engine and driveline which brings me to where I am now. I'm at the stage where I have stripped, cleaned, and redone the necessary parts of the motor. I've fitted Jake's mounts and modified the transmission to clear the tunnel. The next step is to drop the subframe again and mount the motor to it and slide it back under and up. I'll try keep updated with pictures as I have them!




Thanks for reading :)