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A rough 2002 that fell into my girlfriends lap, so it's my project to fix!

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Getting Started!

Hey there, I figure I should start off with some back story. This 2002 is currently owned by my girlfriends father. After spending $4800 on his engine in 1990 he had spun his #3 crank bearing while powering up the Snoqualmie pass, and parked the car 12 years ago. He had stated that if I was willing to get the car running, he'd sign it over because he has too many projects going as is, and he feels it's time to pass the torch. I own a '82 320i, which I love dearly, so I jumped at the chance for us to have a pair of old bimmers I have a few pictures to post up when I get a chance. It's been outside in the pacific northwest for 12 years, so time hasn't been kind to her, but most of it seems to be sun damage and scum. The only rust is near the trunk lock, nothing that can't be fixed. Work should begin within the next two weeks or so! It will definitely be a long dragged out process because be and her both have our own lives to fund, but I'm going to do my very best to not let this car fall the waist-side.

Eli Tripi

Eli Tripi

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