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Chris Parent

And So It Begins...

blog-0104568001408457014.jpgblog-0104568001408457014.jpgblog-0104568001408457014.jpgblog-0104568001408457014.jpgblog-0104568001408457014.jpgblog-0104568001408457014.jpgblog-0104568001408457014.jpgHello everyone, I thought I'd start off introducing myself. I'm new to the forum and new to 2002s. I've been an avid bimmer head for quite a long time, mostly with E30s and newer. I picked up a 73 Turkis blue 2002 out of San Diego a couple months ago so I'm learning as I go. The purpose of this blog is to track my build progress and illicit feedback and support from the forums.

As far as the build goes, I am planning on swapping in an M20 since the M10 I have is blown. I already have on hand a getrag 260 along with the rest of an e30 driveline. I would prefer a nice "easy" swap for the transmission, but I have had a real hard time finding the 323 tranny that "slips" right in or even composing one of those trannies using the other 2.

My only concern using the 260 is how far back the shifter is relocated. As anyone dealt with this before? Has anyone fabricated a shorter selector rod/shift plate to using the stock shifter opening ?

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