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Ultra Low Budget ...... Making It Better One Step At A Time.

In the past few months, I removed a lot of things, got under the ca whole lot and learned quite a few things about how things were done in old days. It is not a show car by any means, but I love it. Here are some of the things I did, I am not going to go into details as this website has much more detailed accounts of almost everything that can be done to this car. Just a few things that I wish I knew before I started the project: The rear windows are a bitch to put back, it makes it a breeze if you have another pair of hands. In my case, I had to use a bunch of shims, extra long sheet metal screws, I will discuss the reason in a minute.
Patch work of sheetmetal might not be perfect, but it, I feel is definitely a worthwhile investment and makes the car better. If you can not afford to replace the floor pan, just do as much as you can, the car will still love you and thank you.
The window sill weather strips are really old school design, even by 1975 standards, but you can definitely do a DIY hack using self adhesive backed 1/2" felt strip, $ 2.74 per door, and I think it makes the window operation smoother.
The 3M chrome adhesive trim is a better alternative to the original belt-line trim as it takes care of the water logging issue behind the original trim.
The lower trim ican be replaced with a stick on trim from a 2007 Altima and matches the width pretty nicely. Its not perfect match but I wanted to lower the number of moving parts, especially the non critical ones.
I did a DIY carpet job, 20 dollar outdoor black carpet and two rolls of universal carpet. Again the idea was to make the car better as I can not afford to make it perfect.
Most important aspect, I kept the car in a driven condition or near derivable condition, so the project never got out of hand...
I am trying to figure out a way to post images here...



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