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My 1976 2002

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Original Center Console

When i got the car i was very unhappy with the center console that was in it. It was not to the 2002 which meant that a lot of the cutouts were not filled in which meant it was easy to see behind to the jumble of wires. To correct this i ended up making my own out of a piece of sheet metal. First i created a template out of paper that closely matched the one i was taking out. Then after making sure the template worked i cut out the shape in metal.

Metal Cutout

After that was done i bent the tabs that i would eventually use for mounting. After bending i painted the panel in 4 coats of rust-oleum enamel. After it dried it was ready for installation.

New Dash In Place


The previous owner of the car had done much of the wiring himself. I am not fully trusting that he did a proper job so before i take it out on the road i want to recheck all the wiring to make sure it is done correctly. Any suggestions?

blog-0919916001366855118.jpgblog-0919916001366855118.jpgblog-0919916001366855118.jpgblog-0919916001366855118.jpgblog-0919916001366855118.jpgblog-0919916001366855118.jpgblog-0919916001366855118.jpgI am a new user and i thought that since i just bought a 2002 i should join this group. The car that i bought is a running project. It was used as a daily driver by the previous owner and i plan on doing the same. I will continue to fix some of the problem areas to try to bring the car back to what it once was.
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