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1973 2002Tii passed from father to son.

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This is my 1973 BMW 2002Tii. It was ordered new from the factory by my dad in 1973 and has been his until he gave it to me in the Fall of 2012. Most notably, it was oversprayed in the late 80's after a freak summer hailstorm accident, and in the mid/late 90's the KF mechanical fuel injection was swapped for dual weber 40 DCOE's due to lack of local ability to fix it (pre-internet). When I took ownership of the car in 2012 it had just suffered a piston ring failure. I began my first dive into the world of managing a car restoration with what would eventually become a top and bottom engine rebuild, KF rebuild and re-instillation, full suspension upgrade, and a series of smaller updates and fixes. After 10 months this all culminated in a glorious 2 day BMW high performance driving school with my Tii. Note, I have an old blog here, but I will slowly be updating it in this new format.



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