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Restoration Realizations

This is my first post so here's a quick background,

BMW level 1 factory trained technician since 1999. I work at a dealership in Southern California. California licensed smog test and repair technician. I'm also resurecting a 1967 MGB GT for my dad, (almost done).

A 1973 BMW told me "HELP!", so I bought it. Rusty started life as a Chamonix white '02 with a sunroof and some form of A/C. When we first meat, the previous guy had already media blasted 99% of the car so you could see all the bondo repairs over the years... and all the rust. Once home, I took up the carpet and insulation to find repairable rust in the floors. Took off rusty fenders and found rusted A-pillar support columns. Removed windshields to find rusted frames. Took down headliner and found rusty sunroof cassette that had rusted into parts of roof. What a Rusty project. So I'm learning to weld and fabricate metal. This just goes to show how little I actually know about cars! Fortunately I don't know when to quit, and I can't wait to get this car on the road.

I'll post pictures after I organize the mess.

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